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Green Cover opened their new Branch in Jeddah - The only company who got the "Oman Green Award" for three consecutive years 2011-2012-2013 for environment conservation in Middle East - Natural Infill replaces SBR black rubber granules and is eco friendly - Soft Grass is the softest Artificial Turf in the world - Best customer service percentage in 2012

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Considering the great advantages in the field of artificial grass, Green Cover offers global solution. Everybody knows the complicated problems in using the natural grass, especially in Middle East where it needs a lot of efforts, expenses, manpower beside the water consuming part.  In the  end natural grass gives the clam and beautiful scenes in which artificial grass is rated much high.

Now it is possible an alternative solution for natural grass. We have the honor of giving the best idea of our product of artificial grass with International standards that adds more beauty to the gardens platforms, etc achieving 100 percent the natural look, but with lesser costs,  care and terminating the watering and agriculture stage of the natural grass.  Above all its is available in several colors and variety of shapes and height of piles.

Originally this grass is designed to be used in Football pitches, stadiums, Golf courts, and American Football & Baseball. And it`s now widely used in Europe, United States & Australia as well. Many experts are now advising to change the natural grass with the artificial grass to achieve the above-mentioned benefits. It is also recommended by FIFA & UEFA and it has many international certificates.

We have executed many important projects in Gulf countries and the whole region as well,


-Football pitches, Hockey, Tennis, Golf and cricket courts.

-Seaside and roundabouts.

-Public parks, landscapes and children playgrounds.

-Roof top for VIP villas and palaces.

-Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants etc,